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Power Plate Is Trusted By Pro Golfers Like Paul Stankowski, Craig Barlow & Rocco Mediate*

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Paul Stankowski


Jeffrey S. Banaszak

PT, CSCS Independent Physical Therapist President Back9Fitness, Inc.
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The Problem Is In Your Swing.

Did you know that the golf swing is one of the most dynamic movements of any sport? The rotational force on your body during a swing can be as much as eight times your weight. And yet, most of us step up to the tee with tight hips and a weak core without even knowing it. Ultimately, you’re putting your muscles, tendons, and joints under significant stress every time you hit the ball. And if you’re not addressing the weaknesses in your biomechanics, then you’ll never be able to increase your distance and launch the ball further down the fairway. In fact, just addressing poor form can help you...


Hit the ball further


Hit longer drives


Hit more fairways

Perform Better In Every Game You Play

Want to avoid looking like a duffer when you step up to the first tee? Then start with your swing. Poor biomechanics like tight hips and a weak core will set off a chain reaction that STOPS you from following through on your swing, and at worst, leaves you open to injury.


Nano Vibrations

Our PrecisionWave™ tech uses nano vibrations to train your balance, flexibility, and strength when doing traditional exercise - helping you get twice the work done in HALF the time. When standing on the Power Plate platform, your body’s natural reflexes will kick in and fight back against the vibrations to stabilize itself.

ts harmonic vibrations are safe, consistent, and controlled, making it the perfect way to strengthen weak muscles, and flush out excess toxins to recover faster after every game. The end result? A simple, time-efficient, and low-impact way to train and get twice the results - from the comfort of your home.


Power Plate Training Can Help You:

Perform Better On The Fairway.

Hit the ball further and improve your flexibility on every swing by conditioning your body for the demands of golf. Our PrecisionWave™ tech helps to increase muscle activation during your workout, giving TWICE the results in HALF the time. So if you’re looking for a simple and effective way to increase core strength, improve your flexibility and develop better balance without the need for expensive private trainers - Power Plate is for you.

Recover Faster & Avoid Injury.

The Power Plate platform produces gentle harmonic vibrations which help to hydrate and loosen tight muscles while supporting your body to flush out harmful toxins. In practice, this means you can use the platform before your round to loosen up stiff muscles and joints to help reduce the risk of injury. So when you hit that 19th round at the clubhouse you can wave goodbye to nursing sore muscles and stiff joints, and instead focus on enjoying the game you love to play.

Best In Class Features

portable & convenient

Get it as low as $111/mo with 0% APR. Instant Qualification

Unlock Your Golf Game Potential With Our Exclusive Golf Package.

There’s a reason why countless Pro Golfers trust Power Plate training to help them consistently perform at their best every time they pick up their club. This is your chance to discover the best-kept secret in golf training and experience expert-level conditioning from the comfort of your home. With the Power Plate Golf Package, you’ll have everything you need to play at your best and stay in the game for years to come.

Increase Flexibility
Help Reduce pain And Stiffness
Improve Core Strength
Get Twice The Results In Half The Time
Increase Range Of Motion On Your Swing
Intuitive & Easy-To-Use

Your Power Plate Golf Package Will Also Include:


DualSphere is the most advanced handheld massage device in America. DualSphere’s unique vibrations help increase blood flow, loosen tight muscles, increase flexibility and help flush lactic acid from the body - making it the perfect on-the-go-solution to feeling your best whenever you need it.


A cut above the rest - the Power Plate Roller is the last foam roller you’ll ever need to buy. With 4 speeds and varying levels of vibration, this is the perfect addition to your sports recovery collection to help ease sore muscles faster.


Get it as low as $111/mo with 0% APR. Instant Qualification

Expert Level Coaching In The Palm Of Your Hand.

Get instant access to our premium, golf-specific, training programs, all easily accessible within the Power Plate App. You’ll have 6 different programs to choose from, each tailored to your abilities and goals giving you behind-the-scenes access to expert-level training routines. Simply choose the program you wish to follow, and your Power Plate MOVE will automatically be programmed to guide you along with your workout.

PGA Tour Approved & Trusted By The Best…

Paul Stankowski


"The Power Plate is the single best piece of exercise equipment I have ever used! Just a few minutes every morning is all I need to get my body moving after a long nights sleep and it is the perfect complement to my everyday workouts as well. My body has never moved this well and I have made a huge improvement in my golf swing. I have never felt better!"

Richard S Johnson


“Since I have started to use my Power Plate I tend to use all my other training aids less. I think it gives me a great workout for my golf game. And the best part about it, it actually makes stretching FUN??? It is great to see how much more flexible I have become. Just love it!!!”

David Drinkwater

"I am (61) yrs. old and have been an avid golfer all my life. I have also been an owner of and user of a Power Plate for over (15) years. I have found the Power Plate to be the most versatile piece of exercise equipment I have ever encountered! Most exercise equipment or exercise routines tend to be very one-dimensional--be it for strength training, flexibility gain or other whatever the goal or need in utilizing that piece of equipment or exercise routine. I can use my Power Plate for every area of exercise need. Be it re-habbing and improving areas of injury to a big need for me improving my flexibility to overall strength training. I have never encountered a machine or piece of exercise equipment that can address virtually every muscle or area of need in my body from head to toe! I am a big Return on Investment guy and a very long term thinker and at whatever price level of Power Plate you choose to buy, when you amortize the cost of your Power Plate over years of steady and consistent use, I do not think there is a better value available in today's very competitive exercise equipment landscape for you to purchase!"

Jeffrey S. Banaszak

PT, CSCS Independent Physical Therapist President Back9Fitness, Inc.

"I have been a manual physical therapist working with professional golfers, specifically members of the PGA TOUR, for over 18 years. Throughout my career, I have found the Power Plate to be an effective therapy modality that I use to help reduce pain and increase range of motion while activating the body for play. Recently, I was introduced to the handheld, Power Plate Pulse, massage tool. It has quickly replaced the other massage tools I have traveled with in the past. It is amazing at targeting the specific structures golfers need to play their best and compete at the games highest level. It is easy to use, quiet and extremely effective. I recommend that every golfer, professional or amateur should have one of these."

Verified PowerPlate Customers

Train Smarter,Not Harder With Power Plate

If you feel like you’re driving you’re head up a wall trying to hit the ball further, reduce your overall score, or just want to improve your athletic performance so you can feel great both on and off the green - then it’s time to make the switch.

Join the thousands of American Golfers who have switched to Power Plate training and unlock your golf game potential today.


Get it as low as $111/mo with 0% APR. Instant Qualification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use PowerPlate?

We advise everyone to contact their physician or specialist before using Power Plate and recommend they do not start training without first obtaining medical clearance to exercise. If you are currently active, cleared for exercise, and perform weight-bearing exercises, such as weight training or jogging, you are likely to be a good candidate for training on Power Plate. However, every person should be examined on an individual basis by a licensed medical practitioner. As with any form of exercise, if you feel faint, dizzy or ill while working out on Power Plate, you should cease your session immediately. Consult your doctor or specialist before restarting your training.

Does vibration therapy really work?

One of the most common questions that we get is “Does it really work?” The answer is yes, Power Plate is used by world class athletes like Serena Williams, F1 race car drivers, PGA golfers, NFL players and everyday folks.

Will this help me lose weight?

Significant weight loss is often reported by those who use Power Plate regularly in conjunction with a healthy, calorie-controlled diet. One of the reasons for this is increased lymphatic flow and associated removal of biological waste, and retained fluid. Research shows, when used as part of an active lifestyle, Power Plate may have a significant impact upon the reduction of body fat. This may occur due to increases in metabolism both during and following exercise.

Is vibration training safe?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of Power Plate users across the world, who have been exercising on the device for many years. Such widespread use with no reported negative effects over an extended period demonstrates the safety of training on Power Plate. As with any form of exercise, there are certain preexisting medical conditions, which may make Power Plate an unsuitable option.