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Power Plate MOVE Golf Package Upgrade

Power Plate MOVE Golf Package Upgrade

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Improve Your Golf Game in 8 Minutes the Power of Vibrations

Power Plate Training Can Help You:
✅ Hit the Ball Further
✅ Improve Your Accuracy and Hit More Fairways
✅ Recover Faster
✅ Avoid Injury

To learn more about the full package, visit this page:

This Package Includes:

  • Power Plate Vibrating Roller
  • Power Plate DualSphere
  • Power Plate Slam Ball
  • Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun
  • Access to the Power Plate Golf Training App designed by a former Nike Golf Performance Specialist

Note that this package is for Power Plate customers that already have a Power Plate MOVE, as this is what the App training is designed around.  The package will not include the Power Plate MOVE that is pictured on this page.

The Problem Is In Your Swing.
Did you know that the golf swing is one of the most dynamic movements of any sport? The rotational force on your body during a swing can be as much as eight times your weight. And yet, most of us step up to the tee with tight hips and a weak core without even knowing it. Ultimately, you’re putting your muscles, tendons, and joints under significant stress every time you hit the ball. And if you’re not addressing the weaknesses in your biomechanics, then you’ll never be able to increase your distance and launch the ball further down the fairway.

Unlock the Power of Vibrations
Our PrecisionWave™ tech uses vibrations to train your balance, flexibility, and strength when doing traditional exercise - helping you get twice the work done in HALF the time.